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808s & dark grapes ii


limited 2lp

Released: 12th Mar 2012

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squadda & mondre spit home truths & fractured hood memories over productions from clams casino, friendzone, marlee b & more.

this fathoms-deep, genre-bending rap music exists outside of the traditional boundaries, with 2 of the most compelling voices in the scene as protagonists. labelled as ‘cloud rap’, the productions are indeed dreamy, but there’s no pussyfooting with the oakland duo’s flows, which are slick, heavy & cerebral. after a slew of highly regarded digital mixtapes it’s great to see their unique style finally come to a physical format. “a well-meaning, well-balanced rap act that has a sound that's both very "now" yet convincingly true-to-self” – pitchfork.

808s & dark grapes ii


  1. Bossalinis & Fooliyones
  2. Diamond of God
  3. Chuch
  4. Incredible
  5. Perfect Sounds
  6. Nothin’ Gonna Change
  7. Rap Junkies
  8. Vegetables
  9. Take 1
  10. Mondre Mo Murda
  11. Chosen
  12. That’s Life
  13. Paperwork
  14. Perfect Skies
  15. Regrets