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Dr. Octagon

Dr. Octagonecologyst (2017 reissue)

get on down

limited super deluxe 3lp boxset with 40 page booklet

Released: 19th May 2017

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Dan The Automator’s and Kool Keith’s famed collaboration from the mid-‘90s is celebrated with a 28-track set housed in a custom, octagonal box, with 5 unreleased tracks.

By the mid-1990s, the rap game had been through a lot in its two decades of existence: Early-days scraping to get by and be heard; The advent of sampling; The rise of groups ranging from Run-DMC to the Wu-Tang Clan and the sprawl of Dr. Dre’s shadow from the West across the globe; and solo juggernauts ranging from MC Hammer to the Notorious B.I.G. Thankfully, though, with everything that the genre had been through, there was still a lot of room to grow. Dr. Octagonecologyst is one of the most unique rap records the genre has ever seen, and this is the perfect way to celebrate it – whether it’s the first time you have heard this mind-expanding record, or the three thousandth.

Dr. Octagonecologyst (2017 reissue)


  1. Intro •
  2. 3000 •
  3. I Got To Tell You
  4. Earth People •
  5. No Awareness
  6. Real Raw •
  7. General Hospital
  8. Blue Flowers •
  9. Technical Difficulties
  10. Visit To The Gynecologyst
  11. Bear Witness •
  12. Dr. Octagon
  13. Girl Let Me Touch You •
  14. I'm Destructive
  15. Wild And Crazy
  16. Elective Surgery •
  17. Halfsharkhalfalligatorhalfman
  18. Blue Flowers (Revisited)
  19. Waiting List (DJ Shadow Remix) •
  20. 1977 E1. Blue Flowers (Prince Paul's So Beautiful Remix)
  21. 3000 (Automator 1 & 2 Remix)
  22. Bear Witness (2 Turntables And A Razorblade Edit)
  23. Astro Embalming Fluid •
  24. Redeye
  25. I'll Be There For You
  26. Wild And Crazy (2016 Remix)
  27. I'm Destructive (2016 Remix)