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juice aleem

voodu starchild

Gamma Proforma


Released: 20th Oct 2017

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blending socially conscious raps with energetic grooves, the Birmingham free-styler concocts an entrancing record of substance.

the voice that launched Big Dada is back with what feels like his strongest work to date. ‘Voodu Starchild’ features contributions from Roots Manuva, Mike Ladd, Blackitude, HPrizm and many more.


voodu starchild


  1. VooduStarChild
  2. Big Stuffs!
  3. AnuMal
  4. AntiUatu
  5. The Watchers
  6. Witch Doctors (with Kashmere)
  7. The Ritual
  8. Shadowless Rides Again (with Ebu Blackitudue)
  9. Control All Gates
  10. VooduMagneticMemory (with Naomi Whelan)
  11. Warriors
  12. My Jesus Got Gold Teeth (with Myka 9)
  13. Manuka Honey (with Naomi Whelan & Abigail Amoako)
  14. VooduGang (with Tie TLP, Damali Young & Kuba)
  15. Erzulie's Exorcism
  16. Don't Fear The Snakebite
  17. Moor Masters (with Ebu Blackitude & H. Prizm)
  18. Human Sacrafice
  19. MoorKaBa LightBikes
  20. AnuNaQiarri