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Cut Chemist


A Stable Sound


Released: 23rd Mar 2018



Released: 23rd Mar 2018

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post-punk beats meet heavy hip hop on this winding rollercoaster of deep cuts and fat beats that sound tailor made for the summer.

As well as being one of the ablest solo turntablists on the globe, the American dj was also a member of two highly rated crews: underground rap kings Jurassic 5 and the Los Angeles Latin funk band Ozomatli. he’s also appeared on two seminal turntablist compilations, ‘Return of the DJ, Vol. 1’ and ‘Deep Concentration’. The intricately layered ‘Die Cut’ evokes all kinds of moods. From the spaced-out vibe of ‘Rhythm Method’ to the mellow feel of the Biz Markie-assisted ‘Moonlightin'’ to the high energy of the aforementioned ‘Work My Mind’, it effortlessly spotlights Cut’s versatility” – hip hop dx.



  1. Metalstorm feat. Edan & Mr. Lif
  2. Die Cut Intro (Interlude 1)
  3. Die Cut (Theme) feat. Deantoni Parks
  4. Home Away from Home feat. Laura Darlington
  5. Rhythm Method feat. Myka9
  6. Moonlightin' with Biz feat. Biz Markie
  7. Work My Mind feat. Chali 2na & Hymnal
  8. Prelude for a Madman feat. DNTEL
  9. Madman feat. Vox Populi!
  10. Energy (Interlude 2)
  11. You Want It, I Got It feat. Hymnal
  12. I Gotta Weapon
  13. Plains
  14. Plane Jane feat. Hymnal & The Precious Hectic
  15. The Lift, PT. 2 (The Dream Sequence)
  16. Home feat. Laura Darlington
  17. Die Cut (Wrap) feat. Myka 9 & Deantoni Parks