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children of zeus

Travel Light

First Word Records


Released: 13th Jul 2018


2lp + download

Released: 13th Jul 2018


the uk hip-hop duo’s full-length debut is a startling hybrid of sub-heavy, rhodes-laden hip-hop and soul, calling to mind the irresistibly smooth stylings of d’angelo, tribe called quest, de la soul and j dilla.

Features mainly come from Manny family; [ K S R ], LayFullStop, Metrodome (Levelz) and former Broke 'n' £nglish spar DRS. Guest production comes in the form of Switzerland's Sebb Bash, Nottingham's Juga-Naut, and London's Beat Butcha, and there's your favourite DJ's favourite DJ, Mr Thing, slicing up the turntables on two tracks too. ***the cd comes with a bonus compilation EP comprising tracks made by the duo over the last decade.***

Travel Light


2cd / 2lp

  1. The Story so Far...
  2. All on You (feat. ( K S R ) & DRS)
  3. 360°
  4. Slow Down
  5. Hoodman2Manhood
  6. Kintsugi
  7. The Heart Beat
  8. Fear Of a Flat Planet (feat. LayFullStop)
  9. Hard Work
  10. Sling Shot Riddim (feat. Terri Walker)
  11. Respect Mine
  12. Daddy's Car
  13. Vibrations (Divine Signature)


'the story so far' bonus cd

  1. Still Standing
  2. Smoke With Me
  3. Crown
  4. Don't Say a Word
  5. I Can't Wait
  6. No Strings Attached
  7. No Sunshine Tomorrow
  8. Push On
  9. Elevate
  10. Happiness
  11. Rock You Internally
  12. I Want You