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Mojo (Tour Edition)

warner bros


Released: 11th Jun 2012


On the group's first effort since 2002’s 'The Last DJ', Petty changes things up by tackling the blues.

Mojo grafts the Heartbreakers' patented sound to the Chicago blues music that appeared on Chess Records in the '50s. The playing is solid throughout, especially Campbell's clear & precise slide guitar leads. This 2CD edition features the original album & a bonus CD with a selection of 12 live tracks, taken mainly from the 2010 Mojo US tour.

Mojo (Tour Edition)


  1. Jefferson Jericho Blues
  2. First Flash of Freedom
  3. Running Man's Bible
  4. The Trip to Pirate's Cove
  5. Candy
  6. No Reason To Cry
  7. I Should Have Known It
  8. U.S. 41
  9. Takin' My Time
  10. Let Yourself Go
  11. Don't Pull Me Over
  12. Lover's Touch
  13. High in the Morning
  14. Something Good Coming
  15. Good Enough

Disc 2

  1. Listen to Her Heart Live from Milwaukee, WI, June 25th, 2010
  2. You Don't Know How It Feels Live from Philadelphia, PA, July 31st, 2010
  3. I Won't Back Down Live from Charlotte, NC, September 19th, 2010
  4. Takin' My Time Live from Auburn Hills, MI, July 22nd, 2010