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night beats

who sold my generation

heavenly recordings


Released: 29th Jan 2016


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Released: 29th Jan 2016

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snaking psych grooves steeped in the gritty of textures of classic Americana, rock and early R&B.

this is a rough-edged, night-cruising take on trusty rock ’n roll that has all the hallmarks of a violent, all-thrills montage - no messing around. “It’s a fantastic, sprawling piece of psych.” — Clash Magazine "mind-bending, yet warm-hearted third album from the seattle trio." - 4/5 mojo

who sold my generation


  1. Celebration #1
  2. Power Child
  3. Right/Wrong
  4. No Cops
  5. Porque Man~ana
  6. Sunday Mourning
  7. Shangri Lah
  8. Burn to Breathe
  9. Bad Love
  10. Last Train To Jordan
  11. Turn The Lights
  12. Egypt Berry