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U Feel Anything?

Planet Mu/Objects


Released: 6th Oct 2017



Released: 6th Oct 2017


She creates eldritch atmospheres that balance gentle melody and warm pop, in which strange elfin voices sing from other worlds and spiralling rhythms feel like majestic, shifting architectures.

her music is advanced and precise, beckoning us into an alternate world; wonderfully alien pop music that eschews conventions. In the latter half of the record, these harden into a pounding, martial symphony of steel, and introduce the kind of rough electronic riffs and guitar samples that betray her background in punk. “’U Feel Anything?’ is a tale of two albums.  The first half is abstract, abrasive, far from accessible.  The second is a nearly military excursion, dominated by drum patterns and an industrial flavor. “U” may not feel anything at first, but “U” will by the time the album ends.” – a closer listen. fans of jlin and actress must hear this.


U Feel Anything?


  1. Human Life Is Not A Commodity
  2. U Feel Anything?
  3. Soaked
  4. Body Of Light (Ziúr & Aïsha Devi)
  5. Cipher
  6. Moonlight
  7. Rituals Of Passage
  8. Don't Buy It
  9. Laughing And Crying Are The Same Things (ft. Zhala)
  10. Drawn
  11. Arise
  12. Fractals