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fatima al qadiri

Shaneera EP



Released: 13th Oct 2017


the fascinating and provocative post-grime artist explores her dark alter-ego Over five energetic club tracks, combining Western drum kits and Arabesque melodies with Kuwaiti, egyptian, Arabic and Iraqi language.

The lyrics are suggestive, imploring, shady and loving, some original and some re-recorded material from Grindr chats, online drag and femme comedy skits. Conceptually, the EP follows Al Qadiri’s long term exploration of gender identity and performance in the Gulf and is a love letter to evil and benevolent queens around the world. riyl ikonika, nguzunguzu and visionist. Al Qadiri adds an exotic topcoat to those ominous basslines and creeping synths, lending the whole thing a sinister and grandiose undertone…all killer tracks” – resident advisor

Shaneera EP


  1. Shaneera
  2. Is2aleeha
  3. Alkahaf
  4. Spiral
  5. Galby