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Live Sessions 1

Ninja Tune


Released: 10th Nov 2017


this selection of hazy, pulled-apart live edits of three tracks from his stunning 2016 sophomore sees a side of romare never before put to tape.

Featuring the previously released ‘Come Close To Me (Live Session 1)’, this EP includes a second live take on the track, alongside live versions of ‘Je T’aime’ and ‘All Night’. Each track was mixed live and recorded in one take using only instruments from the live set up, samples from the original recordings and sometimes with live bass guitar from his brother. says archie, “I have never released recordings like this before, so it will sound quite different from previous recordings, but I think it’s a good way of documenting the live set this year”“Experimental psychedelic love songs bound together by gelatinous alien synths and a low-key jazz melody” – the guardian.

Live Sessions 1


  1. All Night (Live Session 1)
  2. Come Close To Me (Live Session 1)
  3. Je T’aime (Live Session 1)
  4. Come Close To Me (Live Session 2)