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The Hacker

Le Théâtre des Opérations

dark entries


Released: 1st Dec 2017


he’s taken his passion for avant-garde techno and crafted a potent homage to the power of the synthesiser, effortlessly channeling the carefree spirit of 80s electro pop.

this live project sees the enigmatic artist go back to his roots, performing an entirely analogue set directly inspired by his first true loves of New Wave and dark, powerful techno. Songs veer from gritty, raw EBM to dark, subterranean electro, effortlessly channeling the strains of Michel’s musical DNA: Front 242, Jeff Mills, Dopplereffekt, Drexciya. The only vocal track features an appearance by long-time friend and collaborator Miss Kittin, named “Time X” after the French science fiction television series Temps X. michel grew up listening to New Wave bands like Duran Duran, The Cure and Depeche Mode, as well as the darker side of electro Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire and D.A.F.

Le Théâtre des Opérations


  1. Underwater Sequence
  2. Frozen Voices
  3. Time X
  4. Dancing Mekanik
  5. Dark Neon
  6. Body Diktat
  7. Complicated Dances
  8. Camisole Chimique