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Sick Music 2018


3cd (pre-order)

Expected Release: 26th Jan 2018


After a six-year hiatus, everyone’s favourite Hospital compilation returns.

Witness the sickness, this is drum & bass, this is ‘Sick Music 2018’. With 24 brand new tracks, the series that brought the world early stories of Netsky, Wilkinson, Sigma and Fred V & Grafix is back. The heritage of this series speaks volumes, and ‘Sick Music 2018’ takes the quality to a whole new level. Filled to the brim with dangerous dubplates this full spectrum injection is a must have for each and every D+B devotee. Hospital’s leading dancefloor duke Danny Byrd has taken things straight back to ‘99 with ‘Devil’s Drop’. Firing on all cylinders he’s keeping it raw, rolling and funky. In a similarly devilish fashion we have ‘Bootstrap Bill’ finally unleashed by the enigmatic Unglued. Unashamedly destructive and executed with precision, this track is more dangerous than Donald Trump drunk on Twitter. In a perfect fusion of Hospital and Med School, we see Fred V & Grafix’s ‘Hurricanes (Wild Love)’ re-worked with pristine precision by everyone’s favourite prodigy Keeno. Keeping the vibe level at eleven, Hugh Hardie’s delivered the gorgeous ‘Nightingale’, both seductively simple and oozing with elegance. ‘Just One Second’ by London Elektricity gets its first re-work since the late Apex’s famous remix on the very first Sick Music. The beautiful track see’s a sterling contemporary edit and is a testament to Mitekiss’ talent. This album also brings the first solo single from the biggest name in D+B right now, Kings Of The Rollers. Fiercely pushing into new territory ‘Burnt Ends’ has been causing carnage on the dancefloor, getting double wheel-ups from across the globe. Joining this rich tapestry of exemplary D+B are both veteran composers and new blood alike including: Klute, Whiney, Urbandawn, Reso, Logistics, John B, and of course Hospital Records’ commander-in-chief London Elektricity.

Sick Music 2018


  1. Keeno
  2. Danny Byrd
  3. London Elektricity
  4. Logistics
  5. Fred V & Grafix
  6. Nu:Logic
  7. Hugh Hardie
  8. Kings Of The Rollers
  9. John B
  10. Justin Martin & Leroy
  11. Peppers
  12. Schematic x Polaris
  13. Camo & Krooked
  14. Reso
  15. Kubatko
  16. London Elektricity
  17. Serum, Voltage & Inja
  18. Klute
  19. Whiney
  20. Flite
  21. Impish
  22. S.P.Y
  23. Unglued
  24. Battery x Makoto
  25. Seba x Physics
  26. Urbandawn
  27. Kubatko
  28. Battery x Makoto
  29. Keeno
  30. Camo & Krooked
  31. Whiney
  32. Kings Of The Rollers
  33. Unglued
  34. Fred V & Grafix
  35. Hugh Hardie
  36. John B
  37. Urbandawn
  38. S.P.Y
  39. Klute
  40. Seba x Physics
  41. Schematic x Polaris
  42. Impish
  43. Logistics
  44. Flite
  45. London Elektricity
  46. Danny Byrd
  47. Serum, Voltage & Inja
  48. Reso
  49. Nu:Logic
  50. Justin Martin & Leroy Peppers
  51. London Elektricity