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DJ Taye

Still Trippin’



Released: 2nd Mar 2018


2LP + download

Released: 2nd Mar 2018


pushing footwork into vibrant new shapes, the teklife dj delivers an album ambitious in its range and scope, inspired by the departed dj Rashad.

Taking two years to formulate, the record broadens the possibilities of the sound, forcing it to adapt to songwriting, and also revives Taye’s talent for MCing and producing beats to which he can rap and sing. Furthermore Taye definitely ups the ante with his complex and precise drum programming, never losing sight of footwork’s ability to confound. The album features a range of guests that span contemporary music; the eccentric, instructive rapping of Chuck Inglish of Detroit duo the Cool Kids, Odile Myrtil, Fabi Reyna, and Jersey club queen UNIIQU3.

Still Trippin’


  1. 2094
  2. Trippin’
  3. Need It (ft DJ Manny)
  4. Smokeout (ft DJ Lucky)
  5. Same Sound (ft Odile Myrtil)
  6. 9090
  7. Anotha4 (ft DJ Manny)
  8. Bonfire (ft DJ Paypal)
  9. The Matrixx (ft DJ Manny)
  10. Get It Jukin’ (ft Chuck Inglish)
  11. Pop Drop (ft DJ Paypal)
  12. Gimme Some Mo (ft UNIIQU3)
  13. Truu (ft DJ Paypal)
  14. Closer
  15. I’m Trippin’
  16. I Don’t Know (ft Fabi Reyna)