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gui boratto




Released: 15th Jun 2018



Released: 15th Jun 2018


the Sao Paulo-based electronic innovator has created a dancefloor-friendly album that effortlessly hops between genres; truly unique.

From the driving club-ready ‘FORGOTTEN’, to the return of ‘BEAUTIFUL LIFE’ vocalist Luciana Villanova with ‘OVERLOAD’, to what could be his biggest pop music accomplishment to date as ‘THE PHOENIX’, there is a focus in his music like never before. Here, Gui Boratto lays down a nuanced 12-track narrative that reinvigorates his signature sound into a refreshingly different perspective. Through his signature kaleidoscopic approach, Boratto delivers an album built as a far-reaching hub-and-spoke system, broadly inclusive as can be.



  1. The Walker
  2. The Black Bookshelf
  3. Overload feat. Luciana Villanova
  4. Forgotten
  5. Forgive Me
  6. Scene 2
  7. Alcazar
  8. The Phoenix feat. Nathan Berger
  9. Halluciantion feat. B.T.
  10. Spur
  11. Pentagram
  12. 618