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rp boo

I'll Tell You What!



Released: 6th Jul 2018


clear LP

Released: 6th Jul 2018


fans of off-kilter polyrhythms and abstract sampling will adore this weird and wonderful outing from the Chicagoan producer.

boo explores familiar motifs, such as the cosmos, movement, and opposition, using densely interwoven vocals, unpredictable percussion, and evil humming bass as his tools of choice. Layering decades of samples from yesteryear to the present over his commanding vocal cut-ups, he transports the listener to their own realm of the space-time continuum. ‘I’ll Tell You What!’ throws more than a few curveballs into the mix. On ‘Bounty’, Boo grabs the mic and brazenly lays down a full-on verse of terror over a thick atmosphere of his signature sweltering low-end and erratic Roland R-70 patterns. Fans of ital tek, ikonika and ramadanman should pounce on this!

I'll Tell You What!


  1. No Body
  2. Back From The Future
  3. At War
  4. Cloudy Back Yard
  5. U-Don’t know
  6. Earth's Battle Dance
  7. Work The Flow!
  8. Bounty
  9. Flight 1235 (ft. DJ Phil & Crossfire)
  10. U Belong 2 Me
  11. Wicked'Bu
  12. Deep Sole