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Fade to Mind

lp + download

Released: 6th Jul 2018


Rizzla continues to blend DIY aesthetics with pop-influenced productions, taking influence from both the transcendent and the horrific qualities of our times – it’s a powerful and engrossing statement that just happens to be incredibly danceable too.

his first full-length release marks an adjustment to their position within and without ‘the club,’ an overwhelming desire to share stories that cannot be politely articulated, the chronicle of a gradual process of personal apocalypse. ‘Adepta’ explores rage, loss and reconciliation, made during a period of rewilding and recovery. ‘Adepta’’s rhythmic execution and tempo fluctuates wildly, hysteric and rootless club tools alongside fractures of vocal dance music. Alongside long-time collaborator D’hana Perry, they founded the KUNQ collective, a growing alliance of queer artists working in music and visual media.



  1. Full Body Realized
  2. Be a Boy
  3. Adepta
  4. Black Eye
  5. Link Me Up
  6. Space Hulk
  7. And Stay Down
  8. Inquisition
  9. Test Man
  10. Dewdrop
  11. Be a Boy (ft Odile Myrtil)