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Kiddy Smile

One Trick Pony



Released: 31st Aug 2018


2lp + download

Released: 31st Aug 2018


Raised in the outskirts of Paris, his career has embraced music, fashion and film and established Kiddy as a key figure in Paris’s LGBTQ community and the voguing and ballroom scenes.

‘One Trick Pony’ sees Kiddy working with such talents as Rouge Mary (Hercules & Love Affair) Be Honest, Burn The House Down & One Friend and Crookers Dickmatized. Citing gospel and hip-hop, 90s Chicago and Detroit as influences, Kiddy has delivered an album with house DNA at it’s core whilst embracing a pop sensibility. It explores intimate, personal topics - unrequited love, paternal desertion and acceptance of one’s body. “I define myself as a house-music artist. Queer is limiting. My music reflects my everyday life. I talk about me and being black and gay. My songs are about love. They’re not political, but my work is. The lead single Dicktamized is about “toxic relationships, the ones you know you would be best to remove yourself but you’re almost hypnotised into thinking if the sex is good you should carry on.” ‘It is taken from the soundtrack of Gaspar Noe’s latest and critically acclaimed movie ‘Climax’ premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and also featuring Kiddy.

One Trick Pony


  1. Intro: Get Into Me
  2. House Of God
  3. D!ckmatized
  4. Be Honest
  5. Movin’on Now
  6. Interlude: I Don’t Need To Be Legendary
  7. Slap My B*tt
  8. Dark Night
  9. One Trick Pony
  10. Stuck In A Story Line
  11. Interlude: It’s Hard Out There
  12. Burn The House Down
  13. That 1 Friend
  14. Summer Rain