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Shit & Shine

Bad Vibes

Rocket Recordings

white / blue splatter lp + download

Released: 9th Nov 2018


Should you be willing to invite these bad vibes into your home you will be richly rewarded – this is a trip to the outer realms of your consciousness, where acid house melts into a riotous goo via doomy john carpenter synths and skeletal techno.

These lunatics give us their most tantalising record yet, grabbing your attention rather than slamming the door in your face with their aural arsenal. There’s plenty to grab on to with these addictive almost-grooves and dark candy-coated moments, but hang on tight because it’s trippy as hell down there. “Darkening the corners of the dancefloor it’s a synthetic horror-thriller soundtrack in the Escher-on-ludes catacombs of a neverending comedown, while remaining entirely accessible” - The Quietus, “They’re utterly unlike anything else, but only by being sort of like everything else all at once.” - Drowned in Sound

Bad Vibes


  1. Bottle Brush
  2. Yeah, I'm On Acid!
  3. Northwest Pool
  4. Mingler
  5. 7896
  6. Backstage Passes!
  7. Bad Vibes
  8. Sunrise Sam
  9. At the Bar On The Rocks