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Released: 30th Nov 2018



Released: 9th Nov 2018


The Japanese avant-composer has devised a fascinating genre collage that sounds totally unique – an achievement not to be sniffed at in today’s saturated experimental scene.

His amazing sonic identity is surely a result of his twin experience as a classically trained avant-ist in japan, and cool dj and record store employee (big up!) in the country’s capital. These tracks are, needless to say, otherworldly, even when seemingly made-up of textures recognisable as everyday. They hint at hayashi’s cosmic, hypnotic, and almost ritualistic approach to music making…stunning stuff, riyl forward-thinkers eli keszler and oliver coates. “Rich collages of jazz, ambient and house… The ability to blur genres and influences is a crucial part of DJing. It's a skill that Hayashi has also mastered in the studio.” 4/5 – resident advisor



  1. Overflow
  2. III Chose
  3. Palanquin Bearing Monkey
  4. Bit Of Garden
  5. Double
  6. Downstream
  7. 0208
  8. Chironex
  9. Flexible Mono
  10. Spasm
  11. Geckos