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Reto A Ichi (AKA Prefuse 73)

The Lapse Of The Exchange/Alone Moving Often

!K7 Records


Released: 9th Nov 2018

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2lp + download

Released: 9th Nov 2018


The glitch-hop populariser feels the pull of intimate, negative space on this masterful and really quite beautiful double album of nocturnal moods.

There are identifiable elements of the artist you previously knew as prefuse 73 - an uncanny sense for rhythm, an ability to shape samples and frequencies like clay, an affinity for the subtle changes of repetition - yet this is a thing of quietude and subtle prettiness. Twinkling electronica rubs shoulders with cut-up vocal samples and the merest nods to sub-bass frequencies. We hope he will find a new gang of fans amongst you out there who enjoy gold panda, rival consoles, mount kimbie, and masayoshi fujita.

The Lapse Of The Exchange/Alone Moving Often


  1. Gambling in the Snow
  2. Let the Pianos Freeze
  3. No Juntos
  4. It's Her Birthday
  5. A Sword in the Rain
  6. Zato Lullaby Pt.2
  7. All Regrets
  8. The Leaning Tower of Our Leaders
  9. Tuesday Always Awful
  10. Percussions, Hearts and Airs
  11. Broad Plant Pt.2
  12. These Times Are Closing (Outro)
  13. Not Enough Gravity (Reprise)
  14. Criminality
  15. The World According to West 50th Pt.1
  16. So Contra
  17. Pforever Reto
  18. The World According to West 50th Pt.2
  19. Duration Meditation
  20. Everything in the Air
  21. Magazine PM
  22. Alone Moving Often
  23. Noise Counter Melody
  24. Mountainside Hillside
  25. Ghost Arpeggio