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Sufi Spirit



Released: 30th Jun 2017


their Thrashing rock guitar & heavy drums combine with qawali's impassioned vocal improvisation, driving percussion & rising handclaps, providing a unique, trance-like listen.

they mix the Sufi music of qawali with a back drop of rock´n´roll. Rocqawali are dedicated to spreading the Sufi message,"Love across all religious, political & physical borders" Singer Ejaz Sher Ali is a young & uprising qawali star, son of one of Pakistan´s oldest & most important musical families. the record was Produced by the renowned Mark Howard who has worked with Bob Dylan, Tom Waits & Neil Young. This idea of eliciting a transcendent state through music seams right through the marrow of Rocqawali's musical bones. The sessions were recorded live over 7 days & centred on long, meditative jams from which the arrangements presented on this album were organically born.


Sufi Spirit


  1. Ill Allah
  2. Fareeda
  3. Ranjha
  4. Kohi Jadu
  5. Ali Aakhi
  6. Sabh Tun
  7. Alaap
  8. Dhamaal
  9. Dil Mein