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selo na okuke / village tracks



Released: 27th Oct 2017


their long-awaited 3rd sees them re-interpret age-old songs that transcend borders of time and place through driving drums and bass combined with syncopated guitar chords and incredible virtuosity on traditional bagpipes and the lijerica.

Kries means bonfire in an old Croatian dialect; an apt name for a band who burn barriers, mixing modern and traditional Balkan instruments to give new life and meaning to age-old songs. their lead singer was one of the first to mix Croatia’s traditional music with modern forms, and the band’s cutting-edge production values and musical influences - from Radiohead, Brian Eno and The Velvet Underground to hip hop - create a unique and exhilarating take on the tradition.

selo na okuke / village tracks


  1. Selo Na Okuke
  2. Zelena Lipa
  3. Ivo Se e?e
  4. Sestrica Pavlova
  5. Sko?i Kolo
  6. Oj Lado Lado
  7. Dodole
  8. Sito To
  9. Buj Buja