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Laissez Passer



Released: 10th Nov 2017


lp + download

Released: 10th Nov 2017


Restless, buoyant and eclectic, their album shines with a warm optimism, bursting with light-hearted guitars, brass and wind instruments that form a melting pot of tropical, psych-blues-reggae flavoured sounds – glorious, motivational music .

this young, trailblazing ensemble from the occupied Golan Heights deftly fuses Levant-tinted desert blues, melodic psych-rock, morphed reggae and classical Arabic modalities. This, Their second album, is their debut international release and one of the first such releases from their homeland. We recommend if you like imarhan, tinariwen or bombino.

Laissez Passer


  1. Laissez Passer
  2. Musiqa
  3. Sahra
  4. A’sfur
  5. Nasma Jabalyia
  6. Oya Marhaba
  7. Bayati Blues
  8. Roots Rock Jabali
  9. Circles
  10. Syrian Blues