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Melissa Laveaux

Radyo Siwèl

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Released: 23rd Mar 2018


White LP + download

Released: 23rd Mar 2018

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a unique album steeped in Haitian history and culture and yet one which is also highly personal and intimate.

Draping the songs in an indie rock aesthetic, she reinterprets Haitian heritage, taking traditional tunes, vodou anthems and scraps and phrases discovered in old songbooks, and sewing them together like a patchwork of intersecting identities. Mélissa’s distinctive voice and sinuous guitar playing are burnished further by the shining presence on guitar and cuatro of Drew Gonsalves. fans of melody’s echo chamber, stereo total, whyte horses, and 2017’s wonderful ‘andina’ comp, need to hear this! “with laveaux singing mostly in creole in a seductively smoke-and-whiskey-stained tone, the result is a vivid set of utterly irresistible melodies that sparkle with the mystery of a vodou ceremony injected with the spirit of garage rock rebellion […] simply wonderful” 9/10 – uncut.

Radyo Siwèl


  1. Lé Ma Monte Chwal Mwen
  2. Nan Fon Bwa
  3. Angeli-ko
  4. Kouzen
  5. Simalo
  6. Jolibwa
  7. Tolalito
  8. Twa Fey
  9. Legba Na Konsole
  10. Lasir n La Bal n
  11. Nibo
  12. Panama Mwen Tombe