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Arvo Part

The Symphonies



Released: 20th Apr 2018


this album compiles all of the exceptional composer’s symphonies on a single disc for the first time, newly recorded with the nfm (National forum of music) Wroclaw Philharmonic under the direction of one of Part’s most trusted colleagues, Tonu Kaljuste.

Each of the symphonies, as the great Estonian composer has noted, is a world unto itself. Heard in chronological order, they also tell us much about Part’s musical & spiritual journey, & the very different ways in which he has exercised his craft. Forty-five years separate his Symphony No. 1 (“Polyphonic”) - written in 1963 while he was still a student of Heino Eller - from his Symphony No. 4 (“Los Angeles”), written in 2008, by which time he was (& still is) the world’s most widely-performed contemporary composer, & one whose now famous “tintinnabuli-style” has become an immediately identifiable artistic signature.

The Symphonies


  1. Pärt: Symphony No. 1 "Polyphonic" - 1. Canons
  2. Pärt: Symphony No. 1 "Polyphonic" - 2. Prelude And Fugue
  3. Pärt: Symphony No. 2 - I
  4. Pärt: Symphony No. 2 - II
  5. Pärt: Symphony No. 2 - III
  6. Pärt: Symphony No. 3 - I
  7. Pärt: Symphony No. 3 - II
  8. Pärt: Symphony No. 3 - III
  9. Pärt: Symphony No. 4 "Los Angeles" - 1. Con sublimità. Marcando con maestà. Pacato
  10. Pärt: Symphony No. 4 "Los Angeles" - 2. Affannoso. Un poco più affannato
  11. Pärt: Symphony No. 4 "Los Angeles" - 3. Insistentemente. Con intimo sentimento Coda. Deciso