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cheikh lo

Ne La Thiass

world circuit


Released: 4th May 2018


the domestic cassette of Cheikh Lo‘s recording debut set Senegal alight in the 90s; Now, over 20 years later, these mixes have been found and mastered and are made available for the first time outside Africa, alongside the original cover artwork.

Cheikh Lo created an inspired and sensual acoustic/electric mix which embraces double bass, acoustic guitars, talking drum, flute and a hint of electric bass and keyboards. Rare mbalax rhythms infuse this exuberant album with rippling tides of energy but the mood is strikingly Latin - the spiritual soundtrack to the summer.

Ne La Thiass


  1. Boul Di Tagale
  2. Ne La Thiass
  3. Ndogal
  4. Set
  5. Cheikh Ibra Fall
  6. Bamba Sunu Goorgui
  7. Guiss Guiss