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Mike Nyoni & Born Free

My Own Thing

Now Again Reserve Edition


Released: 29th Jun 2018


the first ever anthology of Zamrock musician Mike Nyoni’s funky, psych-rock and folkloric 1970s recordings, this compiles works from his three 70s LPs.

Zambian guitarist and singer/songwriter Mike Nyoni’s music is Zamrock only because he came of age during the country’s rock revolution. His preferred wah-wah to fuzz guitar, James Brown to Jimi Hendrix. His 70s recordings – often politically charged, and ranging from despondent to exuberant – are amongst the funkiest on the African continent. this presents a singular Zambian musician on par with celebrated artists Rikki Ililonga, Keith Mlevhu and Paul Ngozi. The package also features an extensive, photo-filled booklet contains an overview of the Zamrock scene and Nyoni’s story. check out our excellent zamrock compilations – they’re top!

My Own Thing


  1. S.M.My Own Thing (Nyoni’s Thing)
  2. Coming Home
  3. It’s Only A Dream
  4. Soweto
  5. Kawalala
  6. Give Me A Chance
  7. Amida
  8. Highway
  9. Africa
  10. Chikwati Chata
  11. I Don’t Know
  12. Come Back To Me
  13. My Dear Girl
  14. Messed Day
  15. Mad Man
  16. Mwana
  17. Funky
  18. Promotion
  19. E Zambia
  20. Namwali
  21. Mukaziwa Chingoni