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kitsos harisiadis

Lament in a Deep Style 1929-1931



Released: 15th Jun 2018



Released: 15th Jun 2018


Another spellbinding compilation exploring the depths of overlooked Greek folk music from the curatorial genius Christopher King.

Highlighting the virtually unknown work of the heartbreakingly haunted hypnotic clarinetist Kitsos Harisiadis. From 1929 through 1931, Harisiadis recorded instrumentals that have endured in the Epirotic repertoire well into the twenty-first century. Kitsos plays all fourteen pieces as if he were a Greek-Shaolin monk conversing with a grasshopper at his feet. Through King’s painstakingly thorough research and immersive story-telling, the listener is able to fully absorb the otherworldly aura that radiates throughout the release. Painstakingly remastered directly from ungodly rare original 78 rpm discs and coupled with artwork by R. Crumb and design by Grammy Award-winner Susan Archie, the entire package is delightful in every sense

Lament in a Deep Style 1929-1931


  1. Skaros
  2. Dipli Gaida
  3. Zagorisio
  4. Gekas Epirotiko
  5. Frasha
  6. Delvino Kai Tsamourgia
  7. Mirologi In Do
  8. Skaros Epirotiko
  9. Gaida
  10. Verginada
  11. Arvanitiko
  12. Potamia
  13. Stroto Pogonisio
  14. Mirologi Arvantiko