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Kamal Keila

Muslims And Christians

habibi funk


Released: 6th Jul 2018



Released: 6th Jul 2018


a compelling set of Songs about the unity of Sudan, peace between Muslims & Christians & the fate of war orphans, backed by grooves equally taking influence from Arabic sounds, American funk as well as neighbouring Ethiopia.

one of the key figures of the Sudanese jazz scene, kamal was a vital part of the musical culture in Sudan from the mid-1960s until the islamist revolution in the late 1980s. When habibi funk met Kamal, he luckily presented them with two mould covered studio reels. Each tape included five tracks; One with English lyrics & another with Arabic ones. Musically, you can hear the influence of neighbouring Ethiopia much more than on other Sudanese recordings of the time, as well as references to Fela & American funk & soul. For more highlights from the Sudanese jazz scene, check out The Scorpions & Sharhabeel.

Muslims And Christians


  1. Shmasha
  2. Muslims & Christians
  3. Agricultural Revolution
  4. African Unity
  5. Sudan In The Heart Of Africa
  6. Taban Ahwak
  7. Ghali Ghali Ya Jinub
  8. Alsafir
  9. Ya Shaifni
  10. Amjal Alyam