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Slaid Cleaves

Ghost On The Car Radio



Released: 23rd Jun 2017


his talent for writing deeply affecting country Americana is stronger than ever on an album that has plenty to say and does so beautifully.

In the spring of 2016 Slaid Cleaves gave the signal to Austin, Texas, guitarist and producer "Scrappy" Jud Newcomb: “let's make a record”. While Cleaves printed out lyric sheets and made last minute edits, Newcomb deftly put together studio, engineer, and musicians to help create this record, Cleaves' first collection of new songs since 2013's acclaimed ‘Still Fighting the War’. As befits the times we live in, there's a heavy dose of disappointment and disillusion here, but the album ultimately slips into a profound gratitude, as if to say, "Yeah, things are pretty bad out there. But there's still some good stuff if you know where to look”.


Ghost On The Car Radio


  1. Already Gone
  2. Drunken Barber's Hand
  3. If I Had A Heart
  4. Little Guys
  5. Primer Gray
  6. Hickory
  7. Take Home Pay
  8. The Old Guard
  9. So Good To Me
  10. To Be Held
  11. Still Be Mine
  12. Junkyard