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Whitney Rose

Rule 62

Six Shooter Records


Released: 6th Oct 2017



Released: 6th Oct 2017

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gorgeous, melted-butter vocals adorn complex, wistful narratives of loss and isolation that remain compelling and unfold ever further after many listens.

“I had a meeting at Bank of America here in Austin last year and when the meeting was over the teller told me about going to his grandfather’s funeral here in Texas,” Rose recounts. “He found out he had a full second family on the West Coast. His grandfather was a trucker and always on the road, so neither family had any idea. As he was telling me this story, I was jotting down lyrics on my banking papers because it was just too intriguing an experience not be made into a song.” “This is pure country music, Texas-style, meant for the state’s distinctive dance floors, nightclubs, dive bars, and open-air venues.” 8/10 – pop matters.


Rule 62


  1. I Don't Want Half (I Just Want Out)
  2. Arizona
  3. Better To My Baby
  4. You Never Cross My Mind
  5. You Don't Scare Me
  6. Can't Stop Shakin'
  7. Tied To The Wheel
  8. Trucker's Funeral
  9. Wake Me In Wyoming
  10. You're A Mess
  11. Time To Cry