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Ruston Kelly

Dying Star



Released: 7th Sep 2018


180gram 2lp + download

Released: 21st Sep 2018


the nashville singer/songwriter has written for the likes of Tim McGraw & Josh Abbott, but takes centre stage on this set of EMOTIONALLY DEVASTATING, finely tuned, well-worn songs.

The full-length debut is a document of self-destruction and salvation. With a storytelling sensibility that constantly shifts from candid to poetic, the Nashville-based artist details his experience with addiction, overdoses and rehab. Rooted in a delicately sculpted sound that shows every nuance of his vocal delivery, it captures all the chaos and heartbreak on the way to finding redemption. “Dying Star is a triumph” – american songwriter

Dying Star


  1. Cover My Tracks (written by Ruston Kelly, Jarrad K)
  2. Mockingbird (written by Ruston Kelly)
  3. Son Of A Highway Daughter (written by Ruston Kelly)
  4. Paratrooper’s Battle Cry (written by Ruston Kelly)
  5. Faceplant (written by Ruston Kelly, Jarrad K, Brendan Benson)
  6. Blackout (written by Ruston Kelly, Jarrad K, Joy Williams)
  7. Big Brown Bus (written by Ruston Kelly)
  8. Mercury (written by Ruston Kelly)
  9. Anchors (written by Ruston Kelly, Jarrad K)
  10. Just For The Record (written by Ruston Kelly, Jarrad K, Lucie Silvas)
  11. Trying To Let Her (written by Ruston Kelly, Joe Leathers, Kyle Jacobs)
  12. Jericho (written by Ruston Kelly, Joy Williams, Natalie Hemby)
  13. Dying Star (written by Ruston Kelly)
  14. Brightly Burst Into The Air (written by Ruston Kelly)