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LET ME SING MY SONG TO YOU (2018 reissue)

be with records

limited lp

Released: 14th Dec 2018

£22.99 £14.98

Larry Jon Wilson came to the party late.

When he arrived in Nashville, country soul pioneer Tony Joe White had already made six albums. Townes Van Zandt had made seven, Mickey Newbury eight. Kristofferson, the accepted High Priest of the New Nashville, had made five. Larry Jon, by the time he arrived, had spent ten years in corporate America. “Larry Jon Wilson? He can break your heart with a voice like a cannonball.” - Kris Kristofferson.

LET ME SING MY SONG TO YOU (2018 reissue)


  1. Drowning In The Mainstream
  2. Let Me Sing My Song To You
  3. Sheldon Churchyard
  4. I Remember It Well
  5. The Ballad Of Handy Mackey
  6. Think I Feel A Hitchhike Coming On
  7. Willoughby Grove
  8. Life Of A Good Man
  9. Kindred Spirit
  10. Farther Along