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Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings

From The Jam - Live!

Bass Tone Records


Released: 1st Dec 2018


very limited 'Indie Exclusive' Pink LP

Released: 1st Dec 2018


this live album celebrates 10 years of the pair being on the road together, capturing the high energy and enthusiasm for their material that bursts through onstage.

this illustrates the very best of the band's live performance, where the band and crowd are at one with each other, creating an exhilarating power-packed set that still echoes around the venues they play to this day! it also serves as an excellent greatest hits retrospective of the jam’s back catalogue, including ‘going underground’, that’s entertainment’, and ‘in the city’.

From The Jam - Live!


  1. In the City
  2. This Is the Modern World
  3. Down In the Tube Station at Midnight
  4. The Butterfly Collector
  5. Smithers Jones
  6. That's Entertainment
  7. Start!
  8. Saturdays Kids
  9. David Watts
  10. Going Underground
  11. Town Called Malice
  12. The Eton Rifles