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The Durutti Column

The Guitar And Other Machines

factory benelux


Released: 12th Jan 2018



Released: 12th Jan 2017


this is an expanded & remastered deluxe edition of the Manchester ensemble’s 6th record, originally released in 1987. Remastered in 30 years later, this edition restores all 3 bonus tracks included on the original Factory CD, being experimental pieces written & recorded with Jez Kerr & Simon Topping of A Certain Ratio. ***Disc 2 gathers together a wealth of associated recordings, including the rare Greetings 3 EP (released only in Italy), non-album tracks such as Our Lady of the Angels, LFO Mod, & the exquisite acoustic instrumental Catos con Guantes. Disc 3 is an in-concert recording of the band taped at the famous Bottom Line club in New York City in October 1987, along with two further live tracks taped at the WOMAD festival in August 1988.*** “this exemplary reissue augments the original lp with a number of fugitive pieces form the durutti discography” – uncut.

The Guitar And Other Machines


lp / 3cd

  1. Arpeggiator
  2. What It Is to Me (Woman)
  3. Red Shoes
  4. Jongleur Grey
  5. When the World
  6. U.S.P.
  7. Bordeaux Sequence
  8. Pol in B
  9. English Landscape Tradition
  10. Miss Haymes
  11. Don’t Think You’re Funny


  1. Dream Topping
  2. You Won’t Feel Out of Place
  3. 28 Oldham Street
  4. LFO Mod
  5. Catos con Guantes
  6. Florence Sunset
  7. All That Love and Maths Can Do
  8. San Giovanni Dawn
  9. For Friends in Italy
  10. Our Lady of the Angels
  11. Red Shoes (VR vocal)
  12. Song for Les Preger
  13. For Rebecca
  14. Final Cut
  15. When the World (Newson Mix)
  16. Arpeggiator II
  17. Pol in AB
  18. 30 Oldham Street
  19. When the World (Soundtrack)
  20. Our Lady
  21. White Rabbit
  22. When the World (Version)
  23. Prayer (live)
  24. Arpeggiator (live)
  25. Our Lady of the Angels (live)
  26. Pol in B (live)
  27. Miss Haymes (live)
  28. For Mother (live)
  29. Requiem (live)
  30. Jacqueline (live)
  31. Elevator Sequence (live)
  32. The Missing Boy (live)
  33. When the World (live)
  34. Tomorrow (live)
  35. English Landscape Tradition (live)
  36. Bordeaux Sequence (live)