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Be The Cowboy

Dead Oceans


Released: 17th Aug 2018


limited indies-only coke bottle green lp + download + poster

Released: 17th Aug 2018


her 5th is her most colourful & varied record yet, expanding her grunge pop sound into bombastic moments of sugary glitz that bely the aching discontent of the lyrics underneath.

while her sound flits through synth-pop, grunge, disco and piano ballads across the record’s brief life, these songs are united by a prevailing theme of self, both projected and private. her more up-tempo, seemingly cheerful songs are a performance; a façade of success disguising an undercurrent of self-doubt. most songs clock in at less than 3 minutes, their irresistible pop hooks insisting on a repeat listen, which is essential for you to unpack the intricacies of her songwriting, both lyrical and melodic. “For me, she’s probably the most advanced American songwriter that I know” – iggy pop.

Be The Cowboy


  1. Geyser
  2. Why Didn’t You Stop Me
  3. Old Friend
  4. A Pearl
  5. Lonesome Love
  6. Remember My Name
  7. Me And My Husband
  8. Come Into the Water
  9. Nobody
  10. Pink in the Night
  11. A Horse Named Cold Air
  12. Washing Machine Heart
  13. Blue Light
  14. Two Slow Dancers