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There Is No Elsewhere

prah recordings


Released: 7th Sep 2018



Released: 7th Sep 2018


the Derbyshire trio’s third album is a magical concoction of instrumental dream pop & rural electronica that dynamically shifts between drifting ambient textures & vital, rhythmic pulses.

the band draws influence from the evocative film soundtracks of Yann Tiersen & Benoît Charest, the genre-melting electronica of early Múm, & the impressionist writing of Haruki Murakami. this record marries the band's ambitious interweaving of electronic & organic, natural & unnatural with the triumphant warmth of a brass band in full flow. It also provided the emotional core of the hypnotic electronic attack of "Occupy", the genre-melting joy of "We Are All Matter", & the startling "I Am Who I Remind You Of"; a seven-minute pastoral symphony that sees treated vocals & glitchy electronica blur into tradition, history & a sense of belonging, like waking up to sunshine after a long & dazzling dream.

There Is No Elsewhere


  1. Cold To Crack The Stones
  2. Occupy
  3. For Twinklr
  4. The More And Moreness
  5. Bow Wood
  6. We Are All Matter
  7. Choke Points
  8. Nettles
  9. I Am Who I Remind You Of
  10. Shadows