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paul haig

The Wood

Les Disques du Crépuscule


Released: 14th Sep 2018



Released: 14th Sep 2018


The former Josef K frontman’s fourth solo album for Crepuscule since 1983 was written and recorded over a three year period between 2015 and 2018, and explores glitchy, twisty sonic territories in the vein of Four Tet, Floating Points and Love Over Entropy.

‘We can think of the wood or forest as a metaphor for the mystery of the human psyche,’ says Paul. ‘Like the human soul, it can be a place of hidden meanings and unrevealed secrets. I wanted to try and evoke this through the music and worked hard on finding the right balance of electronic and organic sound samples across a broad range of musical genres.’

The Wood


  1. Chasing the Tail
  2. I Heard Music
  3. Sun Flicker
  4. Lights
  5. Acoustic Mangles
  6. The Walk
  7. The Wood
  8. Floaty Appy