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Kiran Leonard

Western Culture



Released: 19th Oct 2018


lp + download

Released: 19th Oct 2018


An instantly identifiable voice and an already cult following – leonard may be just 22 but here, on ‘western culture’ he’s closed in on his Morrissey, Elliott smith and Daniel johnston influences perfectly.

‘Western Culture’ sees him return to the signature sound of his first two records, yet marks a huge sonic progression thanks to the involvement of his venerable live band on record for the first time, as well as being the first to have been made in a professional studio. He’s slowly but surely making himself one of the most unforgettable and essential uk songwriters.


Western Culture


  1. The Universe Out There Knows No Smile
  2. Paralysed Force
  3. Working People
  4. An Easel
  5. Legacy of Neglect
  6. Now Then
  7. Unreflective Life
  8. Shuddering Instance
  9. Exactitude and Science
  10. Suspension