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Blaha (Mike Blaha - The Blind Shake)

The Calming Room (rsd19)


record store day 2019 - "eco vinyl" LP + download

Released: 13th Apr 2019


BLAHA is the solo project of Mike Blaha from Minneapolis surf-psych band The Blind Shake (Castle Face Records) and picks up where they left off on ‘Celebrate Your Worth’, with their roots firmly in tangled post-punk while exploring psych, power-pop, garage, and surf punk.

It’s convulsive and contagious, swirling around in circles that pound with a force and an undiminished groove. Now functioning as a quartet BLAHA are one of the most prolific bands around. Coming out of the starting blocks with high energy opener 'Have Me Some Fun', a propulsive stomper of intertwined rhythms and syrupy and melodic vocals. The song sets the scene for the whole album weaving in and out and riding head first into the dense and jittery rhythm, working the guitars’ colossal psych-punk-surf vibe directly into the hook-filled mayhem. The band coils itself so tightly around each track that it becomes infectious and down right unforgettable. God Unknown Records are very proud to present BLAHA 'The Calming Room' LP. This RSD2019 release is limited to 500 copies worldwide and is made using an eco-mix vinyl. Eco-mixed vinyl is produced using recycled vinyl pellets and is a perfect option if you are wary of the environmental impacts of large scale manufacturing. RIYL: Oh Sees, The Blind Shake, Oblivions, Swami John Reis, Nots, Goggs, Ex-Cult, Bad Sports, Deaf Wish. Tracklist: 1. Have Me Some Fun 2. Brute Luck 3. Dayton & Marshall 4. Burgandy 5. The Calming Room 6. Be Still 7. Copy of Six Man Tent 8. Zipper Merge 9. The Life We Chose 10. Tomorrow

The Calming Room (rsd19)