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southern lord


Released: 29th Sep 2017



Released: 29th Sep 2017


as energising as they were 30 years ago, the mix raw sheets of aggression & boiling, pounding grooves as they beat the hell out of their instruments is the ultimate thrill.

The band's gnarled blend of punk, metal, noise, & hardcore helping to define the "AmRep sound" alongside other forerunners of the style, Today Is The Day, The Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Tad, Cows, Halo Of Flies, Melvins, & others. Since 1988, UNSANE has pounded the planet with their caustic grooves & foundation-crumbling riffs, having released LPs through a wide range of labels including Matador/Atlantic, Amphetamine Reptile, Relapse, Ipecac, Alternative Tentacles, & others, not to mention a wide range of singles, splits, & live albums. ‘Sterilize’ showcases them sounding as dense & damaging as ever, & sees them remaining as necessary as ever, nearly three decades since they began.




  1. Factory
  2. The Grind
  3. Aberration
  4. No Reprieve
  5. Lung
  6. Inclusion
  7. Distance
  8. A Slow Reaction
  9. Parasitic
  10. Avail