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Mass VI

Neurot Recordings


Released: 20th Oct 2017


sludgy, droning riffs, apocalyptic percussion and howling screams make this another devilishly compelling album from the post-metal collective.

Contrasts have always been deep at the very heart of their music, ever since they started uttering their Prayers and holding their Masses in the mid 90s. Tormented darkness has always coexisted alongside luminous beauty, thunderous impacts instantly followed by frail, delicate subtleties. Songs that seem to engulf everyone in the world at once suddenly feel like they are being whispered to you inside the isolation of your solitary womb. if there’s a place in your black heart for cult of luna, neurosis, or ufomammut, you’ll love these guys.

Mass VI


  1. Children of the Eye
  2. Edelkroone
  3. Plus Près de Toi (closer to you)
  4. Spijt
  5. A Solitary Reign
  6. Diaken