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Genocide Pact

Order of Torment

relapse records

lp + download

Released: 2nd Feb 2018


Hailing from some lawless dominion of America, these three unlikely dudes unleash their raging sophomore full-length of mid-paced, pure power-riffage.

it features eight tracks of pulverizing, relentless death metal: thick, titanically heavy crunch, crushing grooves and skull-splitting intensity. Order of Torment never stops giving its listeners new tempos to rage to” – cvlt nation, “an aural march to global war” 7/10 - exclaim

Order of Torment


  1. Conquered and Disposed
  2. Decimation Grid
  3. Spawn of Suffering
  4. Pain Reprisal
  5. Ascendancy Absolved
  6. Structural Dissolution
  7. Authoritarian Impulse
  8. Blood Rejection