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Erase Me

Fearless Records


Released: 6th Apr 2018


neon yellow lp + download

Released: 4th May 2018


at the apex of melodic heft, indefatigable power, spatial resonance and arcane electronics the behemoth of the Floridians' fearless 8th album lies.

Right out of the gate, ‘It Has To Start Somewhere’ burns like a dragster achieving top speed before hurling itself straight into the sun. ‘Wake Me’ revels in its almost-pop, whilst ‘Rapture’ feels like prog rock for the 21st century. they may have tempered the punishing riffage of their previous releases, but they have doubled-down on a sense of urgency whilst hammering at the boundaries here.

Erase Me


  1. It Has to Start Somewhere
  2. Rapture
  3. On My Teeth
  4. Wake Me
  5. Bloodlust
  6. Sink with You
  7. Ihateit
  8. Hold Your Breath
  9. No Frame
  10. In Motion
  11. I Gave Up