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Holy Roar Records


Released: 13th Apr 2018


purple lp

Released: 13th Apr 2018


Their pairing of Black Metal and Shoegaze is a triumphant and crushing sonic alchemy that seats them proudly alongside the likes of deafheaven and alcest.

After being floored by their first 2 EP’s, Holy Roar released this unyieldingly stunning and cathartic debut full-length, which takes the shimmering tropes of Slowdive and seamlessly blends them with a sharp strain of Black Metal - this instantly deems them one of the best in the genre. The boundaries of modern Black Metal have been pushed beyond the purists, and MØL are proving themselves as a masterful contribution.



  1. Storm
  2. Penumbra
  3. Bruma
  4. Vakuum
  5. λ
  6. Ligament
  7. Virga
  8. JORD