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coheed & cambria

The Unheavenly Creatures



Released: 5th Oct 2018


limited smokey green 3lp + download + etched side f

Released: 19th Oct 2018


This sprawling, fifteen track, self-produced, 78-minute epic finds the heavy proggers returning to the conceptual narrative of ‘The Amory Wars’ comic series, penned by frontman Claudio sanchez.

Coheed and Cambria recently released The Unheavenly Creatures’ 10-minute prog manifesto, “The Dark Sentencer,” which was leaked to fans by frontman Claudio Sanchez along with the opening paragraphs from the album’s novella that is being released as a standalone. “’The Dark Sentencer’ opens with prickly guitars that build into a stadium-sized thump,” noted Rolling Stone while Revolver declared, “the soaring song with its rolling guitar riff could soundtrack the montage to any intergalactic underdog story.”

The Unheavenly Creatures