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pelagic records


Released: 7th Feb 2020


super limited (250 copies) clear 2lp

Released: 7th Feb 2020


standard 2lp

Released: 7th Feb 2020

£25.99 £16.98

Legendary Japanese screamo band unleash all manner of pulchritudinous hell on this jagged and soaring beast.

Envy have forged an idiosyncratic sound of driven intensity, where brutality and beauty seamlessly coexist and compliment rather than contradict one another. A sound that is built equally on the pillars of hardcore on one hand and post-rock on the other. "The Fallen Crimson" is Envy at their very best: intense, overwhelming, beautiful and destructive, all at the same time, and wrapped into an incredibly raw and powerful sound of sheer immediacy. Big recommendation if you’re into Isis, Mogwai, Converge & Deafheaven. “The record embodies everything that is majestic about the band, from the huge crescendos to some of the most beautifully written heaviness you can imagine.” – Astral Noize

Mark says: An amazing comeback album after 5 years of flux - Envy and their sound is absolute. This new LP is another milestone in their Mogwai approved career. Deafheaven fans take note



  1. Statement Of Freedom
  2. Swaying Leaves And Scattering Breath
  3. A Faint New World
  4. Rhythm
  5. Marginalized Thread
  6. Hikari
  7. Eternal Memories And Reincarnation
  8. Fingerprint Mark
  9. Dawn And Gaze
  10. Memories And The Limit
  11. A Step In The Morning Glow