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ginger wildheart

Clout EP

Round Records

record store day exclusive 2017 - white 10" EP + 5 prints

Released: 22nd Apr 2017

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Limited to 1000 / White vinyl with 5 prints.

The Clout EP was something that was originally made exclusively available to subscribers of the Songs & Words Pledge, 2015, so having a genuine hard copy is a huge thrill for me, as I'm sure it will be for the listeners. The concept for the four songs was to concentrate on real life heroes, ones that me and producer Jase Edwards considered truly inspirational figures, those pioneers that shaped our past and constructed our present day. We've chosen Tony Benn, Charles Darwin, Horatio Nelson and, ultimately, you, the one able to carry on the greatness handed down by the greats. On Record Store Day, we will be asking the fans (those lucky enough to obtain one of these Clout EPs) to send me, via Twitter, the names of their own four heroes. I think this should be a very inspirational day for us all. Track listing: Side A: Nelson; Benn - Side B: Darwin; You       

Clout EP