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I Hear A New World (RSD17)


record store day exclusive 2017 - white LP

Released: 22nd Apr 2017


Limited edition of 500 #4 in Uncut's "Wierdest Albums Of All Time" - March 2017 issue.

" outer space music fantasy by Joe Meek" A classic of incredibly strange music, electronica, pre Beatles Britpop, or all of the above...however you slice it, I Hear A New World was and is the masterpiece of that left field master of sound, Joe Meek...recorded as usual partly at home with secret equipment, and partly at the state of the art Lansdowne studio he pretty much designed, it is a full on spectacular action stereo extravaganza, almost unknown in British pop recordings of the time and for many years beautifully remastered, and restored to its original track sequence as planned and advertised by Meek when he marketed it as an ideal stereo test recording for hi toned hifi shops....only an ep of less than half the assembled work was originally here it is, on VINYL as it was meant to be heard.... RSD 2017 - repress on white vinyl.

I Hear A New World (RSD17)