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The Fleshtones

BUDGET BUSTER (black Friday 2017)

yep roc

limited red & yellow splatter lp + download (1 per customer)

Released: 24th Nov 2017


Whether you know them as the The Kings of Garage Rock or Americas Garage Rock Band, theres no debate that the Fleshtones are one of the hardest working (and rocking) bands of all ti me.

They’ve stayed parti cularly busy in the past decade, releasing loads of new music that rivals the eff orts of their forty-year career. To honor the Fleshtones, were proud to present Budget Buster, a compilati on of all their b-sides and rariti es theyve put out over the last ten years, many of which are out-of-print and diffi cult to fi nd, plus two tracks that have never seen the light of day! Not to menti on, Budget Buster arrives on explosive red and yellow splatt er vinyl!

BUDGET BUSTER  (black Friday 2017)


  1. Dancing All Around The World
  2. I Surrender!
  3. Touch And Go
  4. Dominique Laboubée
  5. Ama Como Un Hombr
  6. End Of My Neighborhood
  7. B-Side
  8. The Band Drinks For Free
  9. Everywhere Is Nowhere
  10. Cardboard Casanova
  11. Let’s Live
  12. Ama Mas